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Suzie Collis
Suzie Collis

Suzie has been in the fitness world since she was in high school. As an all-state cheerleader from Dearborn, Mi., she would teach aerobics & yoga after school to the other sports teams in her high school. At 19 she was the fitness director at the Dearborn Racquet & health club teaching high impact aerobics, step & whatever was "happening" in fitness at the time. When she moved to Southern California, she continued teaching fitness classes, being a sought after teacher at many health clubs in the area. She fell in love with the Barre workout for all the amazing changes it made to her body. Her flexibility increased & her arms & legs became that of a dancer. Suzie has learned Barre from the best! Studying with Tanya Becker from Physique 57 & Carrie Dorr, Pure Barre. As a certified Pilates instructor of 15 years, she loves to incorporate her pilates knowledge into her Barre classes. Look no further for a class that will not only change your body but have fun in the process!

"I believe that a class should be challenging but a lot of fun too! I want people to leave class with their bodies quivering & with a smile on their face. Nothing better than hearing my students say "that was so hard but so much fun!" It's what keeps them coming back & staying with their fitness goals."

Suzie's Classes

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