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Brent Laffoon
Brent Laffoon

Brent Laffoon is one of the top yoga instructors in Los Angeles. His easy-going personality, encouraging attitude and enthusiasm for the practice have made his classes popular among yogis of all levels.

Trained in a variety of styles - including Bhakti, Ashtanga and Iyengar - Brent's classes are a creative blend of conscious movements designed to stretch and strengthen your body, open your mind and heart and ultimately to help you discover your highest potential by inspiring the confidence and imagination needed to transcend whatever limiting beliefs might be holding you back.

Prior to teaching yoga Brent was a college football player, a Peace Corps volunteer, a screenwriter and a nanny, among other things. He is honored to have been taught by some of the very best teachers in the world, and grateful to share what he has learned. His goal is to help as many people as possible discover not only what a yoga practice is, but what it can be, and to experience all the benefits that it can bring. For retreats, Yoga vacations and more visit Brent at http://brentlaffoon.com

Brent's Classes

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