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Don’t give up! Most likely, your fix is easy and can make all of your internet surfing faster. Read through our most common issues guide below or email us directly (info@athleticulture.com), we’re here to help!

iPad users read this: 

Be sure these settings are correct on your iPad:

1) Go to Settings—> Safari—>Block Cookies—> ALLOW FROM WEBSITES I VISIT

2) Go to Settings—> Safari—>Advanced—> Make sure JAVA is turned ON

3) If you are experiencing Playback issues:  Go to Settings—> Safari—>Clear History and Website Data—>Select CLEAR.


Almost all video streaming problems happen for 2 reasons

1) Not enough bandwidth / weak or spotty internet connection. This is the most common reason for videos not streaming properly.
SOLUTION: Seek out a stronger connection or restart the video:
  • Stop the video if it is running poorly–> Refresh the page and then press play again. 
  • Try locating yourself closer to the router that is sending out your internet Wifi signal. Close all other applications that use the internet like iTunes, email, YouTube etc… If you are at home kick everyone else who is online off. 
  • If you are traveling, switch to 3G network if the Wifi is spotty (goes up and down in strength).

WHY: Internet connections fluctuate in strength, especially Wifi, and this makes streaming videos difficult. Our videos automatically adjust to your bandwidth and send a lower quality video if your connection is slow or weak, but if the bandwidth jumps around too quickly, the videos have a hard time “switching.” Not sure your bandwidth is the issue? Try this quick Test:

BANDWIDTH TEST : Check your actual internet bandwidth here . Select your location to the right of the big dial. Compare your results to see where you are on the scale.


2) One of your devices needs an update.

SOLUTION: Try these steps:

  1. Switch to using Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser. Currently, Firefox & Chrome are the best browsers for streaming video, hands down. Try the website with this new browser. Still not working?
  2. Update Flash. Go here–> http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and make sure you are running the latest version of Flash player. Try the website and see if the videos play. Still not working? 
  3. How old is your modem and/or Wifi router? (These are the annoying blinking boxes under your desk.) Devices older than 3 years will really struggle with the new technology of today. Replacing modems (and Wifi routers if you didn’t buy yours separately) is free from your internet provider. Call and tell them you cannot watch streaming video. They will replace that old box(es) with a new powerhouse that will dramatically increase your bandwidth overall, woohoo! 

Still having problems? Email us directly: info@athleticulture.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually the same day. 

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